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Nudist town proposed near Phoenix, Arizona USA
by Ray Dow
Phoenix, AZ - For many of us who enjoy going through life dressed the same way that we came into life their has always been one reoccurring dream.  To be able to perform as many of the functions of our daily lives in the nude as possible.  While we can go on vacation, be it for an hour or a month it's still a vacation, to a nudist resort or beach or stay out of clothing while at home I don't think many of us have gone to the grocery store in the nude.

Even the times when we can be natural are severely limited. Most of us would not answer the door in the nude or stay undressed when one of our children has friends over to play.  For many of us the nudist recreation areas are simply to far away for us to benefit from them on a regular basis.  Another problem with the nude recreation activities is that they don't allow us to actually accomplish things that we need to get done in order to maintain whatever financial lifestyle that we have chosen.

I don't know about you but I want to be able to water my lawn or get my newspaper or any one of a thousand of other daily activities without having to be concerned about my state of dress or lack there of.  We always speak about the joys of being free from clothing when we are not free from it except in the most limited of ways.

Now picture yourself walking out the front door of your house.  Waving to the neighbor across the street and holding the door open for some of theneighbor children coming to get your child for a game of softball at the local park.  You walk down to the local café for a cup of coffee and a lookat the morning paper before going to work.  You chat with some acquaintances for awhile and then look at your watch and see that it's time to go to work.

You happen to work at the local bank so you saunter down the street greeting those that you know as well as some who seem new to the area. You enter thebank and start another day of work.  Nothing special you say!  Well would it make it more special if you were nude?

Impossible you say!! Not at all.  We are in the planning stages now and their will be such a town  within the next few years.

To find out more about the town, how you can be a resident or how you can be a partner in the corporation go to we will try to get this page up and running as soon as possible and keep it updated with the newest information possible.

ClothesFree International, Inc.
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